ETDB B011 €160,-
ETDB B039 €190,-
ETDB B031 €190,-
ETDB B027 €175,-
ETDB B034 €190,-
ETDB B019 €160,-
ETDB B028 €175,-
ETDB B046 €175,-
ETDB B033 €190,-
ETDB B040 €190,-
ETDB B004 €160,-
ETDB B006 €190,- (sold)
ETDB B007 €160,-
ETDB B007 back
ETDB B001 €160,-
B001 left
ETDB B015 €160,-
ETDB B018 €190,-
B018 back
ETDB B016 €160,-
ETDB B022 €160,-
B020 right
ETDB B020 €190,-
ETDB B017 €200,-
B017 left

Our caps collection is made from used materials with history, from sports bags to couture suits, reconstructed and converted into new designs. Because all caps are unique it’s always better to visit us to see exactly what you buy. Because we reuse materials, irregularities in material and print etc. is part of the design. To order our caps please contact us via email and specify the desired product number, after ordering you will receive an order conformation and our IBAN. After payment we will inform you when it is ready to be sent. Returns within 10 days, undamaged and unused, we don’t refund, you can order another product.